The Community Foundation’s Summit on Philanthropy

As part of our Longview Gives Back program, Longview sponsored the 8th annual Summit on Philanthropy on September 21st at the Jackson Center. The Summit on Philanthropy is the Community Foundation of Huntsville/Madison County’s annual flagship event, and Longview has had the honor of offering sponsorship since its inception.  This year’s event featured Lauren Smith, MD, MPH from Boston, MA where she serves as the Managing Director of FSG, a non-profit 501(c)3 consulting firm supporting leaders in creating large-scale, lasting social change. A hearty congratulations to this year’s Community Philanthropy Award recipients:

  • Jan Smith – Individual award winner
  • Venturi, Inc. – Corporate award winner
  • Kathy and Tony Chan/Pei-Ling Charitable Trust – Family award winner
  • Kingslea Merkel – Unsung Hero award winner

We also heard a very moving testimonial from Donna Scifres, a Manna House volunteer, as well as a panel discussion about the New Hope Children’s Clinic.

The Community Foundation of Huntsville/Madison County’s mission is to serve as the trustee of our community’s future, fostering philanthropy and mobilizing partners, while striving for an exceptional quality of life both today and tomorrow. The Community Foundation serves our community in several ways. They work with donors to help introduce them to the many wonderful nonprofits in the community, providing educational resources about nonprofits and how to give in a smart and effective way. They can help donors narrow their focus and create a short list of possible nonprofits to support based on the donor’s goals, interests and gifts. They also facilitate giving by hosting donor advised funds (DAFs), which are giving funds created by donors to assist in their giving goals by offering a way to receive an immediate tax deduction, yet make grants over time. Through donor participation, The Community Foundation has already raised over $18,700,000 of charitable assets and has made grants totaling over $6,600,000, most of which has stayed in the Huntsville/Madison County area.  In addition to working with donors, The Community Foundation also works with nonprofits by serving as a resource for grant making, networking and professional development.

Jessica Hovis Smith and Jeff Jones are both members of The Community Foundation’s Philanthropic Advisors Network.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about The Community Foundation or would like to talk about your desires to become involved or create your own giving plan. You can also learn more by visiting the Community Foundation’s Web site at