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Who We Serve

We believe that a successful partnership starts with an understanding of your dreams and goals and creating a plan built on that. The relationship we build lies at the heart of our mission to serve you.

Pre- and Early-Retirees

Deciding when or whether to retire may be one of the most significant decisions you will make in your life. Our goal is to guide you through this process, offering not only financial insights but also a deep understanding of the qualitative aspects of retirement. We achieve this by creating a plan that aligns with your goals, ensuring your journey towards retirement is marked by both security and a sense of purpose. We're here to provide peace of mind, adapt strategies as life evolves, and even simplify decisions related to Social Security and Medicare.

Individuals with Equity Compensation

We understand the complexities and decisions you face regarding your equity compensation. Our mission is to provide the necessary guidance and instill confidence as we navigate this intricate process together. With customized strategies tailored to your unique goals, we address various factors involved in equity compensation that include reviewing and strategizing the types of equity compensation you have, planning for your current holdings and future awards, assisting you in taking appropriate action based on your vesting schedule, implementing effective tax planning strategies for both current and future years, devising diversification strategies for selling the stock, and even philanthropic planning that combines with your charitable goals and equity compensation strategy.

Transitioning Military Servicemembers and Government Employees

The retirement system for government and military members can be extremely beneficial, but also exceedingly complex. We work with our clients to leverage the opportunities afforded them through these programs, building an exceptionally strong foundation, from which to make the most of their and their family’s next chapter of life. We integrate every tool afforded you for your service. From evaluating CRDP vs. CRSC benefits and SBP for military members, to FERS Annuity and FEHB for federal civilians, to navigating career decisions when transitioning from MIL/FED to private sector, or even from MIL to FED and its impact to your retirement benefits between the two.

Those who are Philanthropically and Charitably Minded

Many of our clients are philanthropically-minded individuals who think big, want to make a difference in their community, and feel the joy of using their wealth, talents, and experience to help others do the same. We help you develop a giving strategy that facilitates your goals and creates impact in a tax-effective way, both in your lifetime and estate gifting. We act as a networking resource with nonprofits that best fit your interests and an educational resource for ways to best give for your situation. If desired, we can also assist in bringing your family into the mix so that your children and grandchildren can help carry on your love of giving.