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Longview’s Capstone Service Model is designed for those who typically have $750,000 or more in assets under our management.

The Capstone Service Model assists people in identifying goals and understanding the next steps.  We then work together to begin to build a financial plan. These individuals are interested in both comprehensive financial planning and investment management.

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  • About the Services

    The Capstone Model includes financial planning services and ongoing investment management, which may include, but are not limited to:

    • Goal Setting
    • Assessment of Risk Tolerance, Capacity, and Need
    • Cash Flow Planning and Budgeting
    • Estate and End-of-Life Planning
    • Philanthropic and Charitable Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Distribution/Withdrawal Planning
    • Savings Allocation and Liability Management
    • Risk Management, Asset Protection, and Insurance Planning
    • Employee Benefit Reviews
    • Income Tax Planning
    • Education Planning
    • Special Needs Planning
    • Other financial planning needs as they may arise

    The initial planning process generally requires five to seven meetings over a 6 to 12-month period. After the first year, Longview continues to monitor your goals and objectives, making updates and recommendations as needed to the plan, and managing investments in accordance with your risk tolerance, capacity, and need.  The frequency and type of meetings after the first year depends on you and the complexity of your situation; however, we highly encourage at least one meeting each year in addition to periodic check-ins by phone or email.

  • Capstone Service Model Fees

    The fee for the Capstone Model is comprised of two parts:


    The financial planning fee covers the initial financial plan, along with ongoing annual financial reviews and recommendations. Annual comprehensive financial planning fees range from $3,000 – $15,000 each year, depending on the level of complexity, time required, and other factors we deem appropriate for your situation.  The first year is time intensive; therefore, the comprehensive planning fee is generally higher in the first year than in subsequent years. Annual planning fees are reviewed at the end of each calendar year.


    The investment advisory fee covers the ongoing monitoring and management of investments to meet your needs, considering risk, return, costs, and tax efficiency. Investment advisory fees are calculated based on the following schedule:

    • First $1,000,000 under Longview’s management:                 .60%
    • $1,000,001-$2,000,000 under Longview’s management:     .55%
    • $2,000,001-$7,000,000 under Longview’s management:    .50%
    • $7,000,001-$15,000,000 under Longview’s management:   .40%
    • Over $15,000,000 under Longview’s management:              .30%

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